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11th anniversary

2018-01-19 19:41:46 by Crazymonkey154

Hello Newgrounds. As it turns out, I created my account here exactly 11 years ago today (January 19th)! Hard to believe it's been so long. The site of course has drastically changed over time. I had started surfing the site seven months before that, but for some reason didn't register right away. I'm quite glad I chose to make an account as it's given me countless wonderful memories. Thanks again to all of my friends and fans; you help make it worth spending so much time here!!


 - CM154


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2018-01-19 20:14:56

Happy 11th anniversary! It's crazy to know that you have been here for a while, glad that you're still here tho

Crazymonkey154 responds:

So am I, and much appreciated :)