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You blatantly copied the character Gabriel Barsch designed for himself. Changing the shirt color from yellow to blue isn't very creative, and neither is the altered hairstyle. Those aren't nearly enough to make it stand out as truly your own work. That's a 0 from me. Try to come up with something that doesn't rehash what another person made. At the very least, you could add a logo to the shirt, maybe the character could have glasses and/or a hat.

The brothers are ready to kick some ass, and restore their bodies back to how they once were! Very nice drawing of them both.

Bozubrain responds:


Dude, that's epic! I love the dripping and flames. Even that little crack on his forehead is a nice touch. You've done well on details. I hope to see more like this in the future. Hank on the other hand should be worried.

Clatform responds:

Thank you man. And for sure, hes gonna get mega munched on

Absolutely fantastic! You paid very good attention to even very small details of her design (i.e. hair strands and shapes found on her headband). Easily one of the most life-like paintings I've seen. I'm sure Gadot herself would love it and so would probably anybody else in the DCEU (DC Extended Universe) movies.

That is brilliant! It shows you shouldn't fuck around with Judy Hopps or she'll get back at you good. Never underestimate that rabbit. You did particularly well with the facial expressions, both with Judy being all "take that!" and the tiger probably passing out. Keep up the good work.

MLeth responds:

Thanks a lot! This was a fun challenge in many ways!

I love her angry attitude and the smoke from the gun. Very well drawn. Can we expect to see this character in future animations?

Dudingdarn responds:

Lmao unfortunately not since this char is not mine, but i admit i would love to use her in one of my animation!

Sorry, but I can't say this is very well made. Here are some issues I find:
*None of the characters have feet
*One of Mike's hands is missing (if this was cut off, then it would help to show that)
*The agents' glasses are misaligned; the eye pieces need to be at the center of the intersecting point on the face cross
*The front hand should be above the back hand (you currently have the opposite)
Fixing the above will give you a better piece.

mikehero responds:

You may be right about none of the characters having feet
But Mike Wavers hand might be hiding on his pocket
And the glasses are misaligned because I'm not pretty good with making the agents wearing it
This image is a screenshot i took from Madness combat scene creator

A very well made painting! I really like the details given to lighting ad shadows.

A very epic look for Sanford. I'd love to see Deimos in a similar style as well.

Not bad at all. I agree with RobbinHoodie about the sword (handle is missing) and facial expressions (hard to tell exactly what he's conveying). Also, I don't know if this was intentional, but only one forearm has armor while the other doesn't. Seems odd to only fully protect one arm.

Bon-BonFire-Chan responds:

Watch more Berserk to understand the whole concept of Gut's armor scheme. The Sword's handle is there, it's right above the hilt.

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