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Your creation kicks major ass! In addition to recreating some scenes of MC5 shot-for-shot, I like how you built on it with Sanford, Deimos, and 2BDamned helping Hank out more. The lattermost was quite a surprise, and same with how our protagonist managed to narrowly evade Tricky. He sure got lucky there. The Auditor was wrong about everyone being dead. Will you perhaps elaborate on that with a future animation?

jeremotas responds:

Maybe ill do MC6R, but it would be something different from the OG MC6, cause events changed

Pretty good animation overall with a clever twist at the end where a creepy face guy eats JollyBag after a trap "present" leads to being placed in a jar :P. However, the dude should've at least opened his mouth when taking a bite, and what was the point of having a knife when he didn't end up cutting his meal into any pieces? If he cut that into thirds or even halves, then that would've helped. Those are my only nitpicks. Nice to see you're still making animations!

Our bandicoot was given one simple task, and does seemingly everything except that :P. Cortex has much more patience here than what was shown in the actual game (where I sometimes would deliberately leave a level without getting the first crystal just to see how he'd react). It was particularly funny when Crash somehow managed to get all 42 gems from one level alone and not a single crystal (I've tested it and seven is the maximum you could get without collecting any crystals). This fun surprise was something Brio obviously welcomes as it enables him to carry out the laser beam plans sooner! Somebody should've listened to N. Gin when it comes to problems of the retrieval plan. Oh well. Keep up the good work!

HOwLiNG-MAdFoxHatter responds:

I am glad you enjoyed the short : D

My original justification for Cortex being a little calmer with Crash was the whole "trying to pretend to not be evil" bit... Though the character I for sure got a little off was N.Gin since I don't think in the first 3 games he was this sassy xD

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I get this was meant as a joke, but it's not funny at all. Don't get peoples' hopes up for a fake-out "game" like this. Newgrounds isn't the place for that sort of thing. You get a 0 from me. This should have some actual gameplay instead.

I like this concept. Something that would be helpful to include, though, is to show how many more blocks are coming in after you clear a set since players can otherwise easily lose track of how far they've gone. It can also help guide their tactics on where to place pieces.

Quite a twist on the game! You shouldn't have such a misleading description here, though. It's fun to see the game pay against you in a way, and how some placements you make get shifted to different spaces.

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If John Williams enjoys remixes and/or electronic music, I'm sure this would make him proud! Glad you finally submitted it :D! You nailed the rhythm!!

This kicks major ass! A job very well done!!

Sorry? There's nothing to apologize for- this kicks ass!

Geoplex responds:

Thanks dude

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You blatantly copied the character Gabriel Barsch designed for himself. Changing the shirt color from yellow to blue isn't very creative, and neither is the altered hairstyle. Those aren't nearly enough to make it stand out as truly your own work. That's a 0 from me. Try to come up with something that doesn't rehash what another person made. At the very least, you could add a logo to the shirt, maybe the character could have glasses and/or a hat.

The brothers are ready to kick some ass, and restore their bodies back to how they once were! Very nice drawing of them both.

Bozubrain responds:


Dude, that's epic! I love the dripping and flames. Even that little crack on his forehead is a nice touch. You've done well on details. I hope to see more like this in the future. Hank on the other hand should be worried.

Clatform responds:

Thank you man. And for sure, hes gonna get mega munched on

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