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While I admittedly was weirded out by the spacing of feet as those tend to be closer to bodies in Madness animations, and would've preferred for them to not be so far off, you have a very unique entry! It was fascinating how the protagonist could quickly regenerate missing body parts and have them show as transparent organs. Him collasping afterwards was inevitable given how much energy was consumed to do so. He put up one hell of a fight. Great work!

"The Secret Box" is a classic SpongeBob episode, and the way you used its audio here was both amusing and saddening at the same time. I like how it plays into how Sanford genuinely didn't recognize Deimos with that ATP mask at first during MC9. The latter is lucky this didn't lead to any attacks or falling out. Very creative mix, and of course they're best friends! Nice fluid movements too. The one thing I might've done differently was changing things so their actual names are used in your animation, but that's just a minor quibble. Not nearly enough to detract from my overall enjoyment.

Great work to everyone involved, and I'm happy to have taken part in it! The only gripe I had was my username being partially cut off in my scene and how the font got messed up. Too bad I didn't think to use a different style or break apart the text to avoid formatting issues. Oh well. Anyway, my favorite parts from the other participants were Hank bouncing a head like a basketball, and ripping off the cross from someone else's face! Both were definitely ideas I hadn't seen before. Shifting gravity was fun too. Mr. Wimbleton had quite an adventure, and I love how everybody else's parts seemlessly connected to one another!

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I get this was meant as a joke, but it's not funny at all. Don't get peoples' hopes up for a fake-out "game" like this. Newgrounds isn't the place for that sort of thing. You get a 0 from me. This should have some actual gameplay instead.

I like this concept. Something that would be helpful to include, though, is to show how many more blocks are coming in after you clear a set since players can otherwise easily lose track of how far they've gone. It can also help guide their tactics on where to place pieces.

Quite a twist on the game! You shouldn't have such a misleading description here, though. It's fun to see the game pay against you in a way, and how some placements you make get shifted to different spaces.

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If John Williams enjoys remixes and/or electronic music, I'm sure this would make him proud! Glad you finally submitted it :D! You nailed the rhythm!!

This kicks major ass! A job very well done!!

Sorry? There's nothing to apologize for- this kicks ass!

Geoplex responds:

Thanks dude

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Very well drawn! I enjoy the detail shown for Tricky's spine somehow sticking out of his body (did you merge his skeletal design with the skinned form maybe?) and the light beam behind Hank. Just wish the background/floor text was easier to read. As for whether a chainsaw or a couple swords would win between these guys, that's up to the imagination. I'm personally rooting for the latter.

You blatantly copied the character Gabriel Barsch designed for himself. Changing the shirt color from yellow to blue isn't very creative, and neither is the altered hairstyle. Those aren't nearly enough to make it stand out as truly your own work. That's a 0 from me. Try to come up with something that doesn't rehash what another person made. At the very least, you could add a logo to the shirt, maybe the character could have glasses and/or a hat.

The brothers are ready to kick some ass, and restore their bodies back to how they once were! Very nice drawing of them both.

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