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If John Williams enjoys remixes and/or electronic music, I'm sure this would make him proud! Glad you finally submitted it :D! You nailed the rhythm!!

This kicks major ass! A job very well done!!

Sorry? There's nothing to apologize for- this kicks ass!

Geoplex responds:

Thanks dude

This had to be the best track from the game! Well done once again, Cheshyre.

cheshyre responds:

Thank you!!!! I really appreciate it!


I haven't heard the original, so can't tell how that is. In any case, this kicks ass buddy! You should be proud of yourself!!

Quite impressive.....

I very much enjoyed this! The only reason that I give this a 9 instead of a 10 is because this was a bit too short. That's my only complaint. Other than that, well done Icy!!


haha thanks man

Wow this is just awesome!

ParagonX9, there's no doubt at all that you are the queen of the newgrounds audio portal! You've got some fantastic music out there. Out of the "Chaoz" music tracks..... I have to say that the only one of those I don't like is Chaoz Fantasy. it just isn't the same as this or the others.

I don't know why, but it doesn't give that satisfaction of listening to that the others do. It simply fails..... But still, unlike that, this is an epic win, no question there.

So to TwistedTank, this is certainly better than Chaoz Fantasy if you ask me.

Anyway ParagonX9, your userpage here on newgrounds could sure use an update. You are a music goddess, I'm not gonna lie about that. You definitely get 5/5 AND 10/10 from me for this one. Wonderful job!!

Wow, it DOES sound like Crash Bandicoot!

lol pretty good job. I have that game, as well as many other Crash Bandicoot games. Maybe you could've made this longer, but still great overall! Nice work!!

Very fascinating indeed.....

I like how at 00:32 it just goes to a totally different beat. Good for moments when a character (probably a protagonist) has a phase where they go insane (or at least very, very, angry) and just goes to attack someone else. Which, most likely, was someone who was giving them a bad time. To tell the truth, I didn't really like the song this was a remix of. That one just didn't satisfy me very much. But did this? YES! At first, I just thought this song was OK, but I still didn't like the song you remixed back then. Additionally, I hadn't noticed how similar this and that were. I used to think they were simply 2 totally different songs. But later on, I realized that this had a very similar beat/melody/whatever (I think you know what I would've meant). So yeah, nice work!!

Great song!!

5/5 and 10/10 from me for sure!! This song is DEFINETLY amazing. This is in my fav's. I also have this on my iPod. You should make more stuff like this. Anyway, I loved it. Fantastic job.

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