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Your creation kicks major ass! In addition to recreating some scenes of MC5 shot-for-shot, I like how you built on it with Sanford, Deimos, and 2BDamned helping Hank out more. The lattermost was quite a surprise, and same with how our protagonist managed to narrowly evade Tricky. He sure got lucky there. The Auditor was wrong about everyone being dead. Will you perhaps elaborate on that with a future animation?

jeremotas responds:

Maybe ill do MC6R, but it would be something different from the OG MC6, cause events changed

Pretty good animation overall with a clever twist at the end where a creepy face guy eats JollyBag after a trap "present" leads to being placed in a jar :P. However, the dude should've at least opened his mouth when taking a bite, and what was the point of having a knife when he didn't end up cutting his meal into any pieces? If he cut that into thirds or even halves, then that would've helped. Those are my only nitpicks. Nice to see you're still making animations!

Our bandicoot was given one simple task, and does seemingly everything except that :P. Cortex has much more patience here than what was shown in the actual game (where I sometimes would deliberately leave a level without getting the first crystal just to see how he'd react). It was particularly funny when Crash somehow managed to get all 42 gems from one level alone and not a single crystal (I've tested it and seven is the maximum you could get without collecting any crystals). This fun surprise was something Brio obviously welcomes as it enables him to carry out the laser beam plans sooner! Somebody should've listened to N. Gin when it comes to problems of the retrieval plan. Oh well. Keep up the good work!

HOwLiNG-MAdFoxHatter responds:

I am glad you enjoyed the short : D

My original justification for Cortex being a little calmer with Crash was the whole "trying to pretend to not be evil" bit... Though the character I for sure got a little off was N.Gin since I don't think in the first 3 games he was this sassy xD

A fun little clip. I particularly liked how Zapchon's character turned his head around far back when insisting he was "hip" :P. It would've been nice to see him crash from a caffeine high after drinking the coffee and dancing, but oh well. Nice to see you're still around Gabe.

Looks very promising! Hank was a badass here, and I'm sure he will be throughout the whole project once its full version is complete. Fascinating how you appear to have added a video game-esque element with his health when using bandages appeared to increase his health points. May this guy continue to slaughter many enemies. It looks like some put up a decent fight by managing to wound him, so nice to know they aren't all incompetent fools.

Lots of action and violence! Hank unsurprisingly kicked tons of ass, which is quite welcome. Just not sure how he first got into this predicament. A bit of backstory for this hell-like realm would've been nice (aside from the fact that this guy was killed beforehand). Hopefully 9.5 pt2 will delve further into that. Either way, glad to see more Madness from you, and I hope Mr. Wimbleton doesn't get fucked up too badly by that giant enemy fighting against him towards the end. The others didn't stand a chance against our protagonist. He can easily take them all down.

Pretty good piece, and things indeed would be vastly different without Hank going on his killing sprees! It was amusing how one guard just abruptly pulled out a big gun to kill Mr. Wimbleton upon realizing who he was. I'm also glad to see you're still around on NG. I just wish we could've seen what the corpse would've looked like after that massive shot. Oh well. Nevertheless, thanks for some insight on a scenario that never crossed my mind before.

This was damn well worth the wait! Karlie was a badass throughout the whole thing, and same with Connor even after he got infected (who I suppose died from gunshot wounds before zombification could take place and consuming some potion earlier helped delay it). Props to her for escaping the mess in good condition. There was plenty of action and never a dull moment. As for Steven (who fired our helpful doctor), I guess one could say that character got his comeuppance by being zombified and later killed. That giant zombie thing was quite a surprise, and the way it murdered one of those bikers was brutal! Hands down your best work to date. You deserve a prize for it!

Dleta67 responds:

Heh, we call the big zombie the Sample. And this isn't his first appearance, believe it or not-- you may remember a mysterious silhouette at the end of Day of the Madness. That was meant to be the original Sample, before we meet 002 (the one that pulverizes the biker) and 003 (the one that gets slammed into the smokestack). He was supposed to show up in Dusk, but the idea fell through until we decided to make Overtime.

It was about time we finally resolved that plot thread. Continuity, gotta love it.

This isn't bad at all. Aside from the lack of sound effects and the obviously incomplete walk sequence at the end, my main issue was the grammatical errors from that dialogue between three characters. I have a feeling you copied and pasted some English translation of whatever was originally typed. Those sometimes can be faulty and it reads like broken English. If this isn't your first language, then that's understandable, though I'd try to learn more about its grammar for future projects. While music can be a nice addition, I wouldn't call that a requirement. Sometimes people just opt for silent animations. In all fairness, we can't always add audio when projects are left unfinished. On the plus side, the plot had potential, and you had some decent movements. I would've liked to see what follows. Oh well.

UncleAllen responds:

I didn't use translator nor anything. And this school raid project file was corrupted and gone forever. But okay.

If this is your first Madness animation, then I must say I'm impressed! It takes lots of practice to get even half as good as what you've shown here. Very smooth movements and Hank is quite fittingly a badass here. The one issue I had is how he abruptly gets those creepy MC6 teeth and attacks his own creator (Krinkels) right after giving him a gift. That "what the hell?" twist was just out of nowhere. You could've at least given a more specific explanation than "No Beer, Only Madness" for the sudden change from being friendly to vicious towards the guy. On another note, I'm pretty sure the first two songs used here (also featured in MC6) were actually made by Geier Arnold, whose Newgrounds username is apimusic (previously just API), not Cheshyre.

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