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An update

2017-10-27 20:36:44 by Crazymonkey154

Hello everybody. I started animating again on the 20th, but it's not a Halloween thing and certainly not going to be done in time for that. Just a little one-off animation I have in the works. I'll be sure to post after it's done.

 - CM154

Fun bits of trivia

2017-10-01 18:34:06 by Crazymonkey154

Hey everyone. Here's a fun fact about today (October 1, 2017):

If Sheldon Darby Peters (the protagonist of my Madness Hunt trilogy) was a real life person, then today would be his 39th birthday. The entire series takes place the month he turns 30 (October 2008), with episode 1 taking place exactly 1 week before episode 2, and episode 2 taking place exactly 1 week before episode 3.

The 10th anniversary of when I began work on this series is also in exactly 1 week (October 8, 2007). Here's how long it took to create each entry:

Madness Hunt 1: October 8, 2007 - May 24, 2008. Posted on June 23, 2008. Submission was delayed for sound configuration due to exceeding NG's file size limits at the time.

Madness Hunt 2: September 24, 2008 - July 6, 2010. Posted on July 7, 2010. Submission got massively delayed when I lost original file on May 16, 2009 to a computer virus, 2 days after last being able to work on it. I then restarted on September 24, 2009, and it ultimately came out much better this time. File size from sounds was another issue after finishing, but got this fixed before long.

Madness Hunt 3: September 24, 2010 - April 5, 2017. Posted on April 5, 2017. Submission got even more delayed than both predecessors combined due to countless offline sidetracks (mainly family, friends, school, college, and work). Thankfully there were no delays once I got it all finished and I submitted the day of completion.


Something that also came along exactly 10 years ago today (though I didn't get to watch until four days later): Madness Mini 5. While @Krinkels' main Madness Combat series obviously was the biggest core influence for animation style as they are Madness flashes, Madness Mini 5 was the biggest influence on my Madness Hunt trilogystoryline (both involve protagonists getting vengence on Sheriffs who have Deputies as main allies, but for completely different reasons and they're from different states in America, plus the Sheriffs and Deputies have opposite roles when it comes to being weak vs. strong threats). Thank you @Shrinkz for creating that. I still remember being blown away by that, and it remains so much better than the past 4 entries. Too bad the 6th was probably abandoned ages ago and seems very unlikely to be released or even finished anytime soon (if at all). Either way, Madness Mini 5 inspired me to start the series three days later.

Each episode of my trilogy was more exhausting (and obviously more time-consuming) to create than the last, but it was all worth it even if the first is poorly animated. I still don't have any ongoing projects at the moment, and am certainly not going to start another major series anytime soon (if ever). Maybe I'll have a short Halloween-themed comedy up this month in time for Halloween (October 31st). No guarantees, though.

 - CM154

Madness Day Aftermath

2017-09-25 19:43:03 by Crazymonkey154

While there might not have been as many submissions this year compared to past Madness Days and I just barely got in my entry MDKA 2 (Madness Dude Killing Arena 2) in before September 22nd ended (literally the very last minute at 11:59 PM), I had a fun time for sure and loved seeing new submissions from animators. Madness Goreification and REALM: Illuviation (REALM 4) were probably my favorite entries. I have no ongoing projects at the moment and am taking a hiatus from making flashes until next month at the very earliest. Hard to say at the moment what my next project will be when I do resume animating (aside from how it'll obviously be a Madness flash).

 - CM154

Madness Day 2017

2017-09-22 23:59:53 by Crazymonkey154

Hey everyone! Happy Madness Day; check out my animation here!!

 - CM154

Hello everyone. Three more weeks until the 11th annual Madness Day comes up on September 22nd! I'm quite excited for this day to come and show you what I have in store (can't go without submitting something that day). Hope to also see lots of cool things from other animators as well.

 - CM154

New Animation: Reverse Psychology

2017-07-29 23:55:49 by Crazymonkey154

I have a new animation posted titled "Reverse Psychology" out now! Click here to view the entry. It should provide some laughs.

 - CM154

Adobe ending Flash?

2017-07-25 19:37:04 by Crazymonkey154

The company stated here today that it'll stop running/supporting flash by the end of 2020. This is really not good for Newgrounds and other sites with lots of flash animations (including my own) and games. Unless someone else picks up the software, how are people supposed to play those afterwards? I'm rather worried. Maybe @TomFulp and/or @WadeFulp could offer some insight.

 - CM154

UPDATE (7/26/2017): Tom has provided a notice on the matter, and it looks like .mp4 conversions have already been going on for a while. I'm still going to have .swf files up for as long as possible so I can make more out of what time they have left.

Explaining Hank

2017-04-30 01:52:26 by Crazymonkey154

Surprise! I've just submitted a new flash here titled "Explaining Hank" where the characters from the main madness series offer comments on Hank. It's based on this clip from the movie "Mean Girls". Hope you enjoy!!

 - CM154


2017-04-05 23:14:09 by Crazymonkey154

At long last, I have finally completed and submitted Madness Hunt 3! Click here to view. I know this is long overdue, but am sure it's worth waiting for!! I consider this my masterpiece after more than 6 years of work. Be sure you've watched Madness Hunt 1 and Madness Hunt 2 first in order before watching, though.

MH3 Voice Cast Filled

2017-03-15 00:56:40 by Crazymonkey154

I'm glad my call for volunteers gathered quick responses; all three slots were filled in less than 24 hours! @Gibb50 is voicing the trainees, @MissVirus is voicing the agents, and @StefJohnVoiceOvers is voicing the doctor's assistants. Hoping to get all the lines in as soon as possible so I can complete the project. Super excited to show everyone what I have no doubt is my best work to date!